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Fangben Law Office was initially founded in the year of 1999 by several senior attorneys and law professors with rich experience of law practicing. Fangben has now evolved into a client-oriented law firm with extensive presence in the Greater Shanghai Area, and focuses on providing legal services related to comprehensive commercial affairs and dispute resolution. Fangben has offices in Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Lianyungang and Yanchengat present. To date, the team of Fangben consists of more than 80 experienced partners, associates, paralegals and supporting staffs. With utmost diligence, prudence and dedication in law, Fangben is committed to providing pragmatic, efficient and constructive le......

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A client-centric law firm that provides a full range of legal services

We promote the following concepts: solution providers preventive style teamwork


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【English Translation of Fangben】Notice on Implementation of Mechanism of “Zero Report” of Fever Screening COVID-19 Pneumonia Prevention and Control


At present, the prevention and control of this city's COVID-19 pneumonia (hereinafter referred to as “COVID-19 pneumonia”) is in the critical period of prevention of external infection and internal prevention of proliferation. In order to further implement the unit and community's responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and achieve the goal of “early detection, early isolation, early diagnosis, and early treatment” of COVID-19 pneumonia cases, the Municipal COVID-19 Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Office (hereinafter referred to as the Municipal Prevention and Control Office) decides to implement the “zero report” system for the fever screening and prevention of COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic from February 20, 2020. The relevant matters are notified as follows:...

The State Council decides to reduce and remit the social security fee of enterprises and implement the policy of delaying the payment of housing fund


The State Council Premier Li Keqiang presided over an executive meeting of the State Council on February 18, for the purpose of effectively managing the spring agricultural production while deploying agriculture without delay; It was decided to reduce...

【English Translation of Fangben】Five Detailed Rules by SIP Concerning Subsidy for Employee Rent and Transportation


1. Suzhou Industrial Park's Detailed Operational Rules on Employee Rent Subsidy During Period of Epidemic Prevention and Control 2. Detailed Operational Rules for Employees' Transportation Subsidy During Suzhou Industrial Park's Epidemic Prevention a...


Practice Areas

Foreign Direct Investment

Fangben has abundant experience in assisting foreign investors to conduct FDI in China, and has successfully advised clients

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M&A and Restructuring

As one of Fangben's traditionally strong practice areas, M&A and restructuring practice typically includes acquisition of the domestic

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Intellectual Property

The IP group of Fangben is highly skilled and experienced in helping clients utilize the administrative and judicial approach to protect their IP rights

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Real Estate & Construction

Fangben’s lawyers has provided real estate investors, developers, financial institutions, project owners,construction enterprises and other main participants

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Anti-trust and Declaration of Undertaking Concentration

Fangben has advised clients on anti-trust issues in connection with M&A deals and represented its clients in preparing

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Banking & Financing

Fangben has comparative advantages in the area of legal service for banking and financing. Fangben has a number of well-known banks clients and other

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Lawyer team

Yin WangLawyer

Celeste DaiLawyer

Ms. Zhao ShuyingLawyer

Mr. Adam ZhangLawyer

Mr. Joseph WangLawyer

Mr. Brave PanLawyer

Liu XinLawyer

Jocelyn LiuLawyer

Roberto LuoPartner

Mr. XuPartner

Hu YanPartner

Jiangang (George) GeLawyer

Guo YuePartner

Mr. Keith DouLawyer

Jay Zhang JianPartner

Ms. Eva BaiLawyer

Qinglu WangLawyer

Murphy XIAN XiaobinPartner

Ms. Joanna ZouPartner

Winston JIN ChunqingPartner


Social welfare

Fear Not The Want Of Armor, For Mine Is Also Yours To Wear

During the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic,Fangben Law Office gathered the strength of five offices (Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Lianyungang and Yancheng), with all lawyers working and pulling together, actively responded to the call of the Party and ...

Fangben team completed 2018 Suzhou Taihu Lake 20 km on foot

In the spring of March, the grass grows long and it is a good season. On March 31, 2018, the Fangben team (including a number of colleagues and friends) participated in the 20-kilometer Taihu Lake walking tour with Suzhou Taihu No. 1 RV Camping Park a...